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Trends in web design change quickly, but the principles of aesthetics are long-lasting.

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When to redesign the website?

If we blindly follow only the trends, then there will often be changes to the site in order to constantly conform to the trends. That is not very desirable.
The best thing is to find a balance between the trends that are current and the principles of aesthetics that have been established for a long time.
When we talk about the principles of aesthetics, it means that the elements of the website are arranged so that they are clear, the sections are clearly separated, that contrast is used (when it comes to colors and fonts), that the whole site represents one whole which is pleasant to look at and read the text on the site itself.

Trends are something transient, something that is current at some point in time. But trends must also be given some attention.
E.g. pastel colors are current in web design.

Redesign is a process, it is never completely finished. There can be many reasons for a redesign.
First of all, if the site is old and has not been maintained for 3 or more years.
In that case, it is done in several stages. The font that was used at the time is probably no longer in fashion and the font should be changed. This also applies to images, the site navigation itself, the entire redesign of the front page and other pages. The only thing left is the text that was on the site, with the H1, H2 and other tags not being changed. It is also very important to leave all internal and external links, ie. not to change the page names. If somewhere the name of the pages must be changed or some pages must be deleted, then it is preferable to do the redirection.

Sometimes a partial redesign is done if requested by site users for some practical reasons. For example. to make it easier to find content on the site.

It is very important to redesign the website from time to time, because if the site gives the impression that it is outdated, e.g. colors that are out-of-date or some old layout are used and then users can't find their way and can't find the content they are interested in. In that case, visitors will leave that site very quickly and probably won't come back.
These are all missed opportunities, just because the redesign is outdated, regardless of the quality of content that site offers.

Simply visual contact is the first contact users have with the website and all attention is focused on the design and based on that the first impression is formed.

Redesigning the website is not done just to make it look better. It is not uncommon for visits to double after a redesign, as well as the time spent by visitors, when comparing everything before and after the redesign.

The redesign takes about 10-15 days, depending on the number of pages. The price ranges from 250-300 € and more.

If you are interested in creating a new website or you are only interested in website maintenance see the prices and other details on the links we left in this text.

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