What benefits do you get from a website?

Benefits of a website

Almost no one asks this question anymore. Although there is still a certain part of the population that is not yet aware of the advantage that the site and the Internet can have for the development of their business.

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Who needs a website?

The website is a very powerful tool, both for small and large companies, shops, etc. It is almost necessary in all economic branches. Today website creation is not as expensive as before, where only large companies and companies could have these benefits. Today, a website is accessible to any individual who has a product or service to offer. The real power of the site is reflected in the fact that your users find you as easily as possible, i.e. to get information about you and your offers as easily as possible. High-quality website design implies, among other items, that it is well optimized. Ranking on Google depends on SEO optimization.

Another powerful thing that can favorably affect your business is to advertise your site. It's a slightly more aggressive variant than the previous one, where your clients came to you. In this variant, you are looking for new users of your products or services by advertising the site and at the same time choosing which target group your offer will be presented to and in this way you reach potential new customers, i.e. user.

Every day there are more and more users on the Internet. Someone uses the Internet for entertainment, someone for information, someone for education, and of course more and more people are buying online. The fact is that there is an increasing chance that potential clients will find you sooner via the Internet than through any other communication channel.

What is the advantage of the website itself, first of all, depends on several important factors. These factors can be the following: the amount of money, time and effort invested in creating the site, how strong the competition is, how much was invested in creating content on the site, how much was invested in promoting the site (advertising such as Google ads, Facebook and Instagram ads, e-mail marketing).

How we do it?

When creating websites, we like to use WordPress the most, because WordPress speaks a language that Google understands well. More and more sites are being built in WordPress and the trend is growing. Also, more and more old sites are moving to this platform.

Website creation procedure. The success of a project depends on communication. Communication must be at a certain level between us and clients, ie. that communication must be mutual. We will try to understand you as well as possible and fulfill your requests, and it is up to you to give us as close as possible what you want from the new site.

So the first step is getting to know each other. The second step is creating ideas for the structure and design of the site itself, as well as creating content. The third step is to test the functionality and finally the last step is to set up the site. These are the described phases in a nutshell and in all these phases we practice communicating with clients regarding possible changes and consultations, regularly reporting to clients on current progress. The complete development of the site takes an average of 7-10 days. Some larger projects take 15-20 days to produce.

The price of the site varies from 250 € to over 1000 € and depends on the complexity of the site, i.e. from the number of pages, number of products, images, special requests, etc. Maintenance of the site is free for one year. After that it is 50 € per month. Minor interventions are free. Maintenance means changing images, texts, update, backup.

The website must be regularly maintained, in order to get the most benefit from the site itself. A website is not something you build and just leave it there expecting it to consistently bring in the same income. The Internet is a very dynamic thing. Every second, there is more and more content that will simply swallow your site if it does not have some dynamics, ie. some changes and modifications from time to time. Maintenance does not mean only updates and backups, but the creation of new content, new texts, posts, images. A very important item is the design itself. If the design is outdated, it is unlikely that users will stay on such a site. In that case, it is ideal to redesign the site, ie. to completely change the look of the site.

Projects we worked on


  • Website development and design
  • Responsive design
  • SEO & Analytics
  • Social Media
Izrada sajtova - Sajtpress

Our values

Our values are the compass by which we are guided!


We are committed to every project and for every project we approach according to the established principle that the project is not finished until we have fully met all the expectations of the clients.


When creating websites, we are very thorough, down to the smallest detail. When it comes to website design, it is precisely these details that make each of our websites complete, and therefore modern and functional

Constant improvement

Constant training is necessary in every branch. Although it is hard to constantly learn and improve, it always pays off. Adapting to changes and new trends are skills that will save your business.


How much does it cost to create a website and are there any hidden costs?

How much a site costs depends on its complexity, number of pages, whether you want to integrate e-commerce, number of products, seo optimization, etc. The basic package for an informative site is 200 €. In addition to creating the website, the only costs are the domain rental, which costs about 10 € per year, and the rental of the hosting package, about 40 €, also annually.

I bought a domain, now what?

Great, you're one step closer to having your site online! Now you need to choose a hosting provider. You can choose domestic or foreign. The advice is if your clients are on home turf then choose one of our providers.

Do I have to buy plugins for WordPress afterwards?

Plugins are add-ons that expand the capabilities of your site. They are installed as needed. There are free ones and paid ones. There is a large selection of free plugins that do the job very well. Some are used for site security, some for backup, and some for creating online stores.

How do I increase traffic to my site?

There are many techniques to do this. The technique that brings the greatest results is good SEO optimization, followed by social networks, paid advertising, etc. If you need advice, contact us, we will be happy to meet you.

I want to create and manage a blog website, is WordPress a good choice?

Today, creating and managing blog pages is incomparably easier thanks to WordPress. Through our instructions, we will guide you how to create and manage such a page. Why WordPress? Because it's free, it has powerful tools that are easy to understand and use, and gives you complete control over the site you run.

How do I upload files and images to the website?

Uploading files and images is done via the WordPress panel or via Cpanel, you get access after purchasing a host. And the FileZila program can be used through your FTP account. If you are interested in these topics, i.e. how to maintain the site yourself, the first month is a free consultation if you are a user of our services.

Which domain extension to choose, .COM or .NET or .RS?

The .COM domain is somehow universal and easy to remember, but it is advisable to take the domain of the country where the users of your products or services live. So, for example if the site is intended for the local market, then the domain will read .RS, and if it is somewhere abroad, for example Canada .CA, France .FR or America .US.

Can I change my hosting provider?

Yes, of course, then the so-called site migration. Just first of all you will need to have access to the account of both providers. If you need help, contact us, we will be happy to help you.

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