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Everything starts from an idea. And so is the creation of the website itself. How complex the creation process will be depends on the website itself. That is why it is very important to define at the very beginning what the website will serve, what will be its primary purpose, and then based on that, a further plan is developed.

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Website development - phases

Some websites are informative, they offer information to visitors on some specific topics. Some websites are of sales character, i.e. various web stores such as pet shops, computer equipment, shoes, clothing , cosmetic preparations, etc.
Each of these websites has its own requirements and its own way of creation. With some websites, it is very important to choose a quality hosting provider, as with sites such as e.g. online education, because such sites require more resources due to the material that needs to be constantly uploaded to the website itself.

Some initial process of creating a website is choosing a domain (site name) and a hosting provider.
The website name should be short and easy to remember. If possible, the name of the website itself tells what is does, ie. which topic. There is no need to complicate anything about the name.

There are various hosting providers, domestic and foreign. If we are creating a website for the domestic market, then it is preferable to choose one of our hosting providers, and that the domain extension ends with .RS. There are cheaper and more expensive hosting packages. If they are sites that need more resources, then larger packages are taken, e.g. if you plan to create an online store with 5,000+ items then in that case you will need a better hosting provider and some more serious package, which also includes an SSL certificate.

An SSL certificate guarantees customers who leave their information during the purchase that their information will be secure. This data is encrypted, so even if the site is attacked, this data cannot be decrypted. It is recommended that all websites, especially online stores, have an SSL certificate.

The next stage is design. The design also depends on the purpose of the website and which audience the site is addressing.
The purpose of the website and the audience with which the site will communicate largely determines what arrangement of elements will be on the site, which color combinations, choice of font, tone communications, etc.

After the design is completed, content is created that is in line with the theme of the website. It is desirable that the site also has an active blog page.

When the site is filled with initial content, social networks are activated, the site is also connected to social networks, analytics are set up to monitor visits and results.

The final stage is the promotion of the website, through paid ads, content creation or sharing on social networks. Another type of promotion that gives excellent results are paid ads Google, Facebook, Instagram ads.

The time required to create a site ranges from 10 to 30 days, depending on the type of site and its complexity.

Prices for creating a website range from 250 € for a 5-page site up to 1000-2000 € for online stores that have a lot of products and the possibility of ordering and paying by card.

Check out some of our approximate prices below.

If you already have a website and want to site redesign or you are only interested in site maintenance see the prices and other details on the links we left in this text.

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