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Izrada sajtova - Sajtpress

D Cosmetics Shop

D Cosmetics – Webshop kozmetičkih preparata

Internet prodavnica kozmetičkih preparata renomiranih brendova. Na sajtu je integrisana opcija plaćanja karticama, kao i napredni sistem filtracije proizvoda.

Izrada sajtova - Sajtpress


LuxyBox – Sweet Box

Vrlo popularno u inostranstvu, Sweet Boxes, poklon kutije sa slatkišima. Sajt je preveden na 4 jezika, nemački, engleski, francuski i italijanski. Opcija plaćanja na sajtu.

Izrada sajtova - Sajtpress


Filinav – Finansijske usluge

Profesionalne konsultantske usluge za vlasnike preduzeća i preduzetnike. Savetovanje u oblasti finansija i knjigovodstvene usluge.

Izrada sajtova - Sajtpress

NN Car

NN Car – Reklamna pakovanja

Reklamna pakovanja za restorane, kafiće i kafane. Usluge pakovanja obuhvataju sve, od dizajna i izrade prototipa, do proizvodnje, štampanja i isporuke.

Izrada sajtova - Sajtpress


TonMaster - Sound equipment rental

10 years of work and experience in the event industry.
Find everything you need to organize an event in one place.

Izrada sajtova - Sajtpress


MyoLiftQT – Anti-aging microcurrent treatments

Quick treatments tailored to your lifestyle help you achieve firmer and toned skin. Web shop connected to all payment cards in Serbia.

Izrada sajtova - Sajtpress

Vape & Zla

Vape Shop Belgrade

Online shop where you have a large selection of electronic cigarettes and other equipment. The possibility of ordering products online to your home address.

Izrada sajtova - Sajtpress

Ivan Ceramics

Ivan Ceramics - Everything for your bathroom

Firma „IVAN KERAMIKA“ je osnovana 2007. godine i bavi se isključivo ugradnjom i prodajom keramičkih i granitnih pločica. Na sajtu je preko 2.500 proizvoda koji se mogu poručiti.

Izrada sajtova - Sajtpress

Del Toros

Del Toros – Premium burger

Presentation of a company engaged in the production of premium class burgers using its substantial production facilities near Fruška Gora.

Izrada sajtova - Sajtpress

Crown Properties

Rental and sale of real estate

The site has a wide selection of properties for sale and rent. A comprehensive list and clearly defined categories will make your search for real estate easier.

Izrada sajtova - Sajtpress


Arrangement and decoration of households

The website deals with the topic of arrangement and decoration of houses and apartments. Craftsmen here also offer plastering services, installation of facades, installation of tiles, parquet and the like. There are pictures of previous works on the website, where those interested can view their previous works.

Izrada sajtova - Sajtpress

Avto Šuki

Avto Šuki Car sales

This website was created for a car lot that sells and buys used cars. Optimized for desktops and phones. A dynamic design and a very comprehensive list of the current status of cars on the lot. Ordering a vehicle and evaluating a used car, without going to the car lot.

Izrada sajtova - Sajtpress


Bathroom renovation

Renovation and furnishing of the bathroom. The site offers sanitary installation services, service and repair, decorative bathroom design, bathroom and kitchen decoration. There are pictures of previous works on the website, where those interested can view their previous works.

Izrada sajtova - Sajtpress


Psychological counseling center

The website is informative and full of useful information and advice on depression, anxiety, irrational fears, phobias, etc. It is intended for people who are currently going through these conditions and are looking for help and answers to many questions. Try a free online anxiety test!

Izrada sajtova - Sajtpress

AJ Car Wash

AJ Car Wash in Slovenia

In addition to an attractive design that is in line with the type of service offered, the site offers the possibility of booking a car wash appointment to avoid waiting and crowds.

Izrada sajtova - Sajtpress

Vila Talija

Nursing home

Villa Talia, a home for the elderly in Zemun. This institution offers professional accommodation and care services for the elderly. On their website, they describe in detail the quality of care, nutrition and accommodation conditions.

Izrada sajtova - Sajtpress


LooksEdu – Beauty online course

Learn all the secret techniques in the beauty industry. Here you will find courses on PMU, makeup, hairstyling, massage, pedicure, manicure, waxing and much more. The possibility of purchasing courses through the website.

Izrada sajtova - Sajtpress

Little Marge Pet Shop

Pet shop (the site is currently under construction)

Online pet shop designed for ordering food and other equipment for your pets. All products are categorized in order to find the desired product as easily as possible. The order process is simple, and the site owner has a reviewed list of orders.


Radio konsultant

Profesionalne usluge radio konsultanta. Saveti i iskustva zasnovani na dubokom razumevanju radio industrije, demografije publike i marketinga.

Izrada sajtova - Sajtpress

Jelovac Constructions

Proizvodnja i instalacija čeličnih konstrukcija

Tim talentovanih arhitekata i inženjera koji besprekorno sarađuju kako bi oživeli vašu viziju. Optimizovan za desktop računare i telefone. Dinamičan i veoma pregledan dizajn.

Izrada sajtova - Sajtpress

Lawyer Birovljev

Law office of Marko S. Birovljev

If you are interested in lawyers' rates, you know where to look! This site is advisory in nature, it also has a blog page that will deal with legal topics and advice.

Izrada sajtova - Sajtpress

Piran Invest

Investments related advices

The site provides consulting services in the sphere of investments. Piran Invest is part of the LEGEN GROUP, which brings together different companies with many years of experience investing in real estate.

As you can see, each site is unique and each has its own purpose. One is informative, the other has an appointment booking system, while some are sales. We hope we have given you some inspiring ideas. Now it's up to you to think about what purpose you want your new site to have!

What have clients said about us?

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Dejan Ivankovic
Dejan Ivankovic
Professional service - all recommendations for Sitepress!
Katarina Savkic
Katarina Savkic
I recently had the pleasure of working with this website development agency and they met all my expectations. The end result was a superb site that is, above all, functional. If you need a website development agency that can deliver a top-notch product, I highly recommend giving this team a try. They deserve a 5 star rating!
Srdjan Trajkovic
Srdjan Trajkovic
Completely correct and professional relationship! Recommendations.
Petar Ilic
Petar Ilic
Imao sam priliku da radim sa ovomgancijom i zelim da kazem da su dosta drugraciji od ostalis. Nisam mogao biti zadovoljini rezultatima. Bili su u stanju da razumeju moje zahteve. Isporucili su projekat na vreme svr to u skladu sa budzetom 🙂
Slavko Drašković
Slavko Drašković
milan miskovic
milan miskovic
We are very satisfied with the cooperation. They also gave us free advice. They really put their customers first.
Milos Damnjanovic
Milos Damnjanovic
I maintain the site with them and they always do more than agreed. Good for Sitepress!
Luka Knezevic
Luka Knezevic
They understand their work very well and above all the clients they work with. They are very kind. Thank you for the great website they made for me!
Nebojsa Stojicevic
Nebojsa Stojicevic
I've been maintaining a couple of websites with them for a while, they're really up-to-date, and their prices are just fine.
Institucija Kkp
Institucija Kkp

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