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Why is website maintenance important?

Website maintenance

The most important step after the final stage of site development

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Website maintenance and security

Almost all the sites we encountered that were not maintained for a period of more than a year or more, were infected with some virus or the protection was breached and were taken over..

Regular updates weren't performed, so hackers often find vulnerabilities in the website's protection through old "themes." In that case, cleaning the site is very difficult. If the theme is old, it's best to delete it and install a new one.

Maintenance implies:

  • Regular updating of the WordPress platform;
  • Regular updating of the theme implemented on the website;
  • Updating all plugins;
  • Installing security;
  • Regular backup of the entire website, i.e., creating a site backup.
  • Restoring the website online if the site goes down.

This is the basic package. The price is 50 euros per month, and with this package, you are completely assured of the functionality and protection of your website. If you have your site developed with us, maintenance is free for one year.

Maintenance also includes minor changes such as text and image modifications (deleting or adding new images and texts), creating banners, and making minor design adjustments. The price depends on the extent of the changes to the site and how much they affect the existing design.
Note, these changes are not included in the basic maintenance package, and all modifications are charged separately.

It's highly desirable for the website to regularly create new content to maintain positions for specific keywords.
If the site lacks new content in the form of useful articles providing quality information to visitors, other sites with better content will gradually overshadow your site, and traffic will drastically begin to decline.

We scan each site regularly and perform updates on a daily basis. Only by doing so can we ensure smooth website operation and prevent the loss of important data such as emails, databases, and the like.

Don't allow hackers to bring down your site, as it may be too late by then.

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