Web development

Do you have a private business and have known for a long time that you need a website, but you don't have time and you don't want to deal with that topic? You don't know how to buy a domain and hosting. You don't want to deal with maintaining and creating new content every day.

We will do the whole website creation procedure for you.

We guarantee functionality and design that you will like above all.

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Who needs a website?

The website is a very powerful tool, both for small and large companies, shops, etc. It is almost necessary in all economic branches.

Web design

Don't have an idea how your website should look, you just want it to be beautiful?

Don't worry, this is a frequent request from our clients! In that case, it is best to leave the design to us. We will find the best solution for you based on our experience and your needs. If you have some general guidelines, that would certainly be helpful.

When creating the website, we adhere to established and proven procedures because we want to maintain the quality we offer. The ability to easily adapt our skills to each client's needs is the key to every successful project behind us.

Here you have everything you need!

Web development

Depending on the needs of our clients, we have created 3 packages of offers.

Website redesign

Redesign of old and non-functional websites and addition of new functionalities.

Website maintenance

Regular website maintenance, protection against attacks, updates and backups.

Paid ads

Creating and running paid ads on Google, Facebook and Instagram. Get instant paid search volume!

pricing list

Based on the needs
we created 3 packages

Pay in 2

If you want, you can pay for the creation of the website in two parts

We are offering our clients the option of paying in two equal parts. The first part is paid immediately after defining the plans and goals related to the creation of the website. The second part is paid after the complete creation of the website.

In this way, we want you to be sure of the quality you are paying for. During the development process, we will regularly inform you about the progress, and also you will also have the opportunity to visually follow the progress of the site development.

Note: Prices are informative and may vary depending on client requirements.

Why do you need a website?

Why is the website worth the investment? With the abundance of marketing channels on the Internet, building a website is seen as an investment. It is important to have a plan, which means that before building a site, it is advisable to consider your niche, audience and business needs, as well as whether there are alternative channels that suit each of them. Only with this careful consideration can you get the best answer to the question: Do I need a website to meet my business goals? If you've ever thought about building a website, know that the process is not as simple as uploading and publishing ready-made content.

Although websites have become more affordable over the years, building them can still be very expensive. An average site costs around €400 + €60 each year for domain and hosting rent, and the creation of some sites can go from €1,000 to €6,000 and more. This cost can be prohibitive, especially for small business owners with limited funds. Additionally, consumers are constantly looking for the best user experience possible, which means you can't just look for the cheapest site development prices. Fast loading, mobile-friendly pages, and a clean interface are just some of the basics that website owners must meet if they want to make a good first impression.



What are the benefits of a website?

Practically every business today should have a website. While it may be true that nearly 53% of small businesses do not have a website, most large businesses do. This figure shows how essential websites are for continued growth in the digital age. A website is a key item for any business that wants to achieve any of the following sales and marketing goals faster:

  • To convert more leads – Contact forms and lead conversion tools are easily placed on the website. By doing so, you expand your customer base and one of the ways to prepare the ground for remarketing.
  • To reach more potential customers - Focusing on search engine optimization (SEO) on your blog can help people find you more easily when they search on Google.
  • To gain more insight into consumer behavior - Powerful analytics tools can be used on any site, giving you insight into everything from visit and read rate, time spent on site to what visitors buy most often on your site.
  • To build your brand - A website is one of the most effective tools for building your online presence. It gives new customers (and existing ones) everything they need to know about your brand and what it stands for, so they don't have to hear it from anyone else.



Benefits of a website

Even if a website isn't necessary for your business, your potential clients expect you to have a website. A professional website immediately shows your credibility, because it speaks to your audience and sends the message that you are serious and professional in your business and gives them more information about your brand. Without an online presence, consumers may not even consider your brand as legitimate. Customers see a company's website as an important resource that can provide them with the answers they need. While they may want to learn about your reliability and quality of work from their peers, they often look directly to your site for information about your products and services, pricing structure, hours of operation, policies and more.

All this information will not fit on the pages of social networks. Clients also expect you to have, so called landing page with a mandatory call to action. A landing page is actually the page that customers can go to when they are interested in your product or service. In addition to your basic web presence, a landing page gives customers the opportunity to learn more after seeing your online marketing campaigns. On this same page, they should be able to easily leave their email or phone number.

Without a website, all those potential clients/customers we mentioned, may decide to go to your competitors, and you won't have the analytics to know how many people found you through Google.



Benefits of online shops

E-commerce has been expanding rapidly in recent years and is expected to continue to do so. E-commerce sites allow businesses to grow faster, more conveniently and cheaper. The main advantage of online stores is that the purchase process is very fast. Customers can order multiple products in a relatively short period of time, without having to leave their homes or offices. Potential customers can be provided with much more information that will make their buying experience faster and easier. Also, customers have the opportunity to purchase products and services at any time.

Giving customers the ability to shop at any time can increase business sales and customer loyalty. Most importantly, web stores allow the business to keep consumers loyal and to constantly change to adapt their strategies according to the lifestyle of their customers and according to technological changes. With a web store, you can expand your business worldwide, which is otherwise physically impossible and requires a lot of investment.

Here are some of the benefits of e-commerce;

  • Ease and Comfort – With increasing daily responsibilities, it becomes really difficult for people to reach their favorite products, when they can buy them with just a touch of a finger! Ease of use, time efficiency, easy payment and tracking of results are some of the main reasons why online stores have taken over today's retail world.
  • Availability 24 hours a day - E-commerce allows customers to shop from their favorite web shop 24/7. This means no waiting in line on weekends or half a day just to be able to buy some of your favorite products! Web stores provide their customers with detailed product information, warranty details, product reviews and product descriptions so that they can make the right choice.
  • Targeted audience – Web stores provide the perfect place for all types of businesses to present themselves in the best light to capture the attention of their target audience and beat the fierce competition. It reduces inventory costs and eliminates the need for a physical location. It also reduces the need to hire sales people along with easy and fast target marketing.
  • Access to detailed analytics - Websites allow owners to access detailed data about user behavior on their site, e.g. such as the daily visit, which are the most visited pages, the time user stays, which product is ordered the most, which article is the most read, etc. This is all valuable data that marketers can use to design successful marketing strategies.
  • One website and the world is yours - Online stores make searching, finding and buying products super easy and fast. It is physically impossible to find the product of choice without going from store to store. This way you just enter a keyword on the Internet and you are literally just a few clicks away from making a purchase! Can it be more efficient than this?



Do I need a website if I have a Facebook page?

It is common for businesses to rely on Facebook or other social networking platforms as their main advertising channel. And these channels offer advantages. For example, they help build a larger audience and even help you conduct market research. However, a Facebook page should not replace your business website.

Here are a few reasons why.

  • A Facebook page is not owned by you, unlike a website.

What happens if one morning Facebook decides to no longer support businesses? If your Facebook page was your only online presence, all the clients and followers you've built up over the years would probably disappear. And while it's assumed Facebook will stop supporting businesses, you don't have a say in the changes Facebook decides to implement. However, with your own website, you have complete control over the appearance and features.

  • Facebook has SEO limits.

Where do you go when you're looking for a local business? Facebook or Google? The 3.5 billion daily queries on Google show that most people use the search engine to find information. A business website allows you to position yourself so that people will find you when they make search queries about the products you sell or the services you provide. You can even easily compete with larger sites, you can optimize your website for local searches to attract the audience in your area.

  • The website is more credible.

A business website is a sign of trust and people only buy from businesses they know, like and trust. So while it might be faster to create a Facebook page, you could have more authority and trust with a business website.

  • The customer's attention span is much shorter on Facebook.

Many people find ads annoying, especially when they are overwhelmed by ads when they want to communicate with friends, so they ignore your business posts or ads. On the other hand, many studies have proven that you have much more attention from a potential client when he is on your website than on a Facebook profile.

Once you get customers to your website, the chances of closing a sale are much higher. Keep in mind that your Facebook page and other social networks should support your site, not replace it.


How we do it?

When creating websites, we like to use WordPress the most, because WordPress speaks a language that Google understands well. More and more sites are built in WordPress and this trend is growing. Also, more and more old sites are moving to this platform. So WordPress is our main tool.

We are aware that the success of a project depends a lot on communication between clients and the agency. That is why we pay special attention to communication. We believe that the beginning of every successful cooperation, good communication. Good communication means that we want to listen and accurately understand the needs and wishes of others. We will try to understand you as well as possible and fulfill your requests, and it is up to you to give us as close as possible what you want from the new site.

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We will connect you with your clients on all platforms!

If the website is brand new, it is unlikely that it will bring any serious earnings right away. That's why social media is there to speed things up. We will open for you the pages of your business on Facebook and Instagram and connect them to the site.


Previous projects

What have clients said about us?

14 рецензија на
Dejan Ivankovic
Dejan Ivankovic
Professional service - all recommendations for Sitepress!
Katarina Savkic
Katarina Savkic
I recently had the pleasure of working with this website development agency and they met all my expectations. The end result was a superb site that is, above all, functional. If you need a website development agency that can deliver a top-notch product, I highly recommend giving this team a try. They deserve a 5 star rating!
Srdjan Trajkovic
Srdjan Trajkovic
Completely correct and professional relationship! Recommendations.
Petar Ilic
Petar Ilic
Imao sam priliku da radim sa ovomgancijom i zelim da kazem da su dosta drugraciji od ostalis. Nisam mogao biti zadovoljini rezultatima. Bili su u stanju da razumeju moje zahteve. Isporucili su projekat na vreme svr to u skladu sa budzetom 🙂
Slavko Drašković
Slavko Drašković
milan miskovic
milan miskovic
We are very satisfied with the cooperation. They also gave us free advice. They really put their customers first.
Milos Damnjanovic
Milos Damnjanovic
I maintain the site with them and they always do more than agreed. Good for Sitepress!
Luka Knezevic
Luka Knezevic
They understand their work very well and above all the clients they work with. They are very kind. Thank you for the great website they made for me!
Nebojsa Stojicevic
Nebojsa Stojicevic
I've been maintaining a couple of websites with them for a while, they're really up-to-date, and their prices are just fine.
Institucija Kkp
Institucija Kkp

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